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Social Media Marketing-the new alpha in the marketing world.

Bygone is age of digital media, social media is whither thee findeth thy audience

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As every marketing team, we love throwing in marketing jargons here and there albeit sometimes forgetting the terms ourselves. Our approach to social media marketing is simple, and we understand that behind a screen it is a person consuming those ads. We make emotional connect with consumers, and our ad campaigns hit home the messages we are trying to get across to get maximum ROI.

Our Approach

  • Analytics Reporting Tracking user activities on your website using various tools to measure revenue generation and contribution to your business.
  • Platform Intercase We take huge responsibility to keep you ahead in the ever-changing marketing landscape with the use of latest and trendiest social media platform.
  • Audience Target Targeting right audience is no mean feat, we at eCultify ensure that every campaign across various social media targets the right audience using specific channels and tactics.
Why SMM? Social Media plays an integral role in digital marketing now. Social Media Marketing allows a brand to connect with the audience, build their brand, increase sales and drive traffic. The major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TickTok and Snapchat. Social media platforms have inbuilt tools which allows marketers to gauge audience behaviour and reaction and form result based on that for the future.

Why Choose Ecultify

We at eCultify firmly believe that A strong social media presence has all the potential to reach new heights in your business growth. At eCultify, we drive and run Social Media Marketing to get the best possible result.
  • We constantly monitor social media to check success of our campaigns. Actions such as every post, reply, like, or comments are is closely monitored continuously to serve a purpose.
  • We create and execute creative and concise strategies that are specific to your goal.
  • We align your marketing goals with business objectives to create an effective Social Media Marketing strategy.
  • Meaningful Metrics over vanity metrics. Metrics like leads generation, web refferals, conversion rate are given far more importance than vanity metrics like retweets and likes.
  • We approach SMM service with buyer persona perspective. It allows us to create more personalised targeting and success for the campaign.
  • Social Media Marketing is butting heads against thousand if not millions of ads to get noticed. We do a competitive analysis to stay ahead of your competition.

SMM Services

Discover services we provide


PPC Management

It is the process of managing Pay-Per-Click management and overseeing a company's ad-spend.

Website Integration

This service involves making sites social media enabled, making it friendly and accessible to customers, bloggers and community alike.

Quality Content

Quality content is a high priority for site. Thus one of the most important services offered by marketers is quality content.

Trust Management

Trust management online is priority for businesses. Marketers are well aware of the fact that social media is not just about disseminating messages or giving sales, rather focusing on customers and building faith.

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