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Testimonial videos encourage the audience to feel the emotions of the person giving testimony. Considering this insight, we help create an emotional bond between the brand and the customer. We create content for your customers that have stories that are emotionally engaging with our target audience.

Our Approach for Review video marketing

  • Make it human We shoot with professional cinema cameras and lenses. Our professional and talented team works together to make an exclusive brand video.
  • Context Once the video has been shot, we immediately send it to our editing team. From there, they will make all the final details that are very important for creating a video.
  • Make the necessary edits We edit your video so that it looks 100% true to the viewers. We also give it the right tune and length to meet brand standards.
Why Review video Ads? Today the customer has the power to choose between numerous options and even greater power in reviewing them. The society as we know it functions on suggestions and reviews from others to make a decision. This is why Review video ads help provide credible, impressionable and honest reviews about your brand to your target audience. Review videos give you the power to woo your customer.

Why Choose Ecultify ?

Here at ecultify, We create content for your customers, that have stories that are emotionally engaging with our target audience. We create an emotional bond with our customers which in turn helps us create a personalized connection with our audience.
  • Transparency- We create transparency with our clients; you pay what you get. Our purpose is to understand your brand and provide the best affordable video production service. We create professional designs to match your marketing goals
  • Quick Turn around- Our clients are pleased with the quick turn around time. We give you the most impactful, creative, effective Services.
  • Customer support- We sincerely believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We provide free revisions until our videos meet your expectations no matter how many times.

Why Review video marketing


Increased CTR

Testimonial videos can increase Cost Through Rate as it increases the credibility and trust within the customers.
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Better leads

Better the trust better the leads. Compared to the text-based content video, testimonial ads are more likely to generate better leads.
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Increases Conversion

Online visibility has become an important factor nowadays, and the best way to attract a customer is through testimonial video ad as it encourages the customers to do the same thing, thus increasing your conversion.

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Creates an emotional appeal

Testimonials can be effectively beneficial when believed to be accurate. But the challenge is people should believe and relate to the testimony. They should not feel that the content is fabricated as it will dissolve the emotional appeal.
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