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Personalize your product's videos.

With our range of targeting options, reach, engage and connect with your customers and consumers.

Creative Studio Video 30;10 min

We combine the art of videos and marketing to achieve incredible ad campaign results. We use the updated algorithm to manage the sponsored products advertising campaigns. It's all about catching the viewers attention by using the right target group and making the desired effect. We love this process of finding out how to innovate ourselves for every new project.

Our Approach for product video marketing

  • Keyword optimization First, we optimize the keywords that are relevant to your product or services and accordingly place your ads on relevant pages, thus providing expert assistance to grow your sales.
  • Optimized bids After that, we compare against competition and then optimize bid for page 1 placement to make sure we receive higher impressions and sales.
  • Create targeted campaigns We create targeted groups by taking products, keywords and description into consideration to ensure that we receive relevant clicks and impressions at the lowest cost possible.
Why Product video marketing? Product video marketing has become an important factor in business world and if you are not using the video your product will be left behind. If people like your product video they will share it with their friends thus increasing awareness.

Why Choose Ecultify ?

Here at ecultify, We create content for your customers, that have stories that are emotionally engaging with our target audience. We create an emotional bond with our customers which in turn helps us create a personalized connection with our audience.
  • We give you the most impactful, creative, effective Services.
  • We give personalized communication with our customers to create an enduring bond.
  • We make videos which help the brand to converse with customers. Our motto for our customers is to engage, converse and converse.
  • We create transparency with all our clients.

Why Product video marketing?


Get discovered

We will place your ads where customer can directly see them, such as on the page of search results, product pages thus providing our brand an instant visibility boost
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Increase sales

Sponsored ads will help you increase sales by showing your ad on amazon or Flipkart, which will help you reach the right target audience who are looking for similar products like yours and redirecting them to your page.
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Control costs

cost control is the cost per click, so you will pay only for the customer that clicks on the ad. You can control the amount by setting a budget limit and by selecting how much you want to bid on per lead.

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