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Online Branding Videos

Brand your products with the help of branding videos.

Convey the message of your brand with creative designs.

Creative Studio Video 30;10 min

Without digital marketing, branding or brands does not exist. Here at Ecultify, we take into account communication, advertising, content consumed or shared by considering the key factors necessary for online branding. We help you Convey the message of your brand with creative designs.

Our Approach

  • Mind Mapping We brainstorm and create mind maps after researching the brand and constructing it's target audience, competitors and its market.
  • Logo Visual Design After brainstorming the metaphors and finalising the one, ideas are sketched and executed.
  • Styling We style the brand using proper design, fonts, colour to make the brand visually appealing.
Why Online Branding Video? You may have a good hand over your offline marketing and branding techiniques but resonates more with your audience is your branding abilities over various platforms. Online branding videos work as an ultimate coversation stater and boosts your conversion rate. branding yourself online through videos also directs higher traffic to your brand.

Why Ecultify ?

We keep updating ourselves to achieve the best results. We put efforts to keep up with the trending technologies and to capture customers attention which assures them that we brand are making efforts to make their life easier.

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A brand video helps your audience identify and relate to your brand. A solid brand video creates transparency with your customers. It allows the audience to see the true nature and personality of your brand. Thus increasing relatability and trust.
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Increases reach on social platforms

Video gets more engagement on social media compared to other content pieces. If your audience can relate to your brand, they will share the video allowing you to engage more with potential customers.
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More information can be conveyed

We optimise your app to appear on top in both Android and iOS's store.
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Increases visibility on google

Creating video content increases trust and builds a long term relation with customers. The time spent by visitors is increasing, which signals the search engine on google that your brand content is good. Hence its likely for your page to come first in a search list.
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