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Customer Relationship Management

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CRM software and tools compile data from all communication channels, which empowers you to ameliorate your online presence.

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A survey done by International Data Corporation reveled that only 10% of data is used by corporations, rest 90% of data is dark data. Customer Relationship Management approach and technology helps you tap into data and provide araays of services to get maximum sales. At ecultify we offer customized and compatible CRM solutions to maximize it's utility and get the best of it.

Our Approach

  • Customise Every company has its own diverse needs, and one doesn't fit all. Likewise, CRM solutions differ amongst companies, and we offer customized CRM solutions to meet all your needs.
  • Integration We integrate CRM solutions across all the platforms as part of our approach.
  • Implementation An effective CRM solution offers you to tap into relatable data and find the best way to cater to their needs.
Why CRM? CRM software has proved to be indispensable asset in which companies can invest in. CRM facilitates to unite all communication channels and implement strategies with ease and help increase sales and market returns.

Why Ecultify ?

We at eCultify understand the different needs of different businesses. We customise and implement the software that is best for your business, be it small, medium or large business.
  • Insight - Grabbing the attention of your most promising customers. Attracting visitors and tracking them by creating killer content that will prompt them to keep digging further.
  • Smart Selling - We use CRM software which collects empowers your employees to perform better with the relevant database at their disposal.
  • Client Serving - Creating customers for life through our easy to explore designing and interactive and creative front end with heavy performing backend software.

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Lead Management

As important as it is to get quality leads, so is managing and tracking them. CRM software helps you to know everything that will prompt leads to convert into happy paying customers.

Contact Management

Organising contacts is easier with CRM. It allows you to get insight into the best time to contact them, previous interactions through various channels and the best channel to approach them.

Deal management

This feature of CRM allows us to know what works for you. It tracks previous deals which can act as a guide to help make successful current and future deals.

Email Management

As a core function having complete control of it is of utmost importance, and CRM software facilitates that.

Sales Automation

Implementing CRM ensures that sellers are selling more over doing other administrative works. Sales automation replaces mundane tasks with intelligent workflow and increases inbound leads.

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